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Advertising Theory (Explained with Examples)


The Advertising Theory is a type of demonstration used to tell why and how the advertising campaign is effective and achieving its desired goals. An advertisement contains different types of objectives which mainly includes communication with the targeted or we can say potential customers as well as influencing them to buy the product and developing the preference towards repeat purchases of the product. Which ultimately helps the business to build brand loyalty.

There are several types of Advertising Theory or Therapies and most of them breed that the conquest of advertising is controlled by effective practices which mainly include repetitive advertising and brand exposure.

Advertising Theory mainly makes use of consumer characteristics, 

service or product characteristics, content specification, competitive actions, Specific media, and message characteristics.

5 Advertising Theory with Explanations

Advertising Theory

The mediation of reality

Advertisements are getting benefits when they merged with other 

environments or we can say media in which they are thoroughly immersed. It seems that the Ads content does not make the brand more influential, but the main factor behind the incorporation of media is fiction and actions.

What do media do with respect to advertising it describes the 

addiction and the overall excitement by expanding the neural responses and reactions.

Shifting loyalties

Advertisements are genius ways to promote any product or service because they know how to perform upon the situation and repeat clashed loyalties that keep on changing or switching. 

Advertisements always create an extreme type of brand loyalty which also tells the potential customers to shift their loyalties and adopt the treading or current loyalties for a new brand in the potential market.

The magic of meaning

Advertisements always carry emotions and values with their strong set of the message which conveys a strong meaning. Its shows how the ad impacts the values and ideas of customers. 

In simple words, Ads are the well-organized magic that hides the actual intention of the product or service, which essentially leads to selling the product or service to book or we can say make profits. Sometimes it seems that the goal of selling products or services is likely associated with teaching emotional and social values.

The hidden message

Psychology experts assert that advertisements are 

treacherous or in simple words dangerous because it uses psychological techniques to create a hidden message which is 

emotionally loaded. Which is the critical resistance of the viewers gets reduced. This type of Advertising Theory approach shows how the critical thinking of the customers can be manipulated with the help of advertisements.

In some advertisements, you will notice that some specialist doctors  

advocate the Ads and encourage the audience or customers to buy that particular product and use that product regularly because he also uses the same product. We all trust and follow all the guidelines instructed by a doctor or a specialist. Since they are using the products hence they must be safe and healthy for us. 

This Advertising Theory approach shows us how advertisements influence consumers with the help of high-level human psychology.

Imitative desire

Smart advertisements always act upon the potential consumer’s needs and wishes. Some therapy specialists have asserted that the desire of human nature is evolving as other individuals. If other people are famous because of their good looks and sort of powerfulness, it’s not a practical thing for someone to become a person like another. This impossibility holds the wanted desired happening in all of us. 

The general nature of ritual is that individuals operate in some neighborhoods and communities through an innovative projection toward others.


All 5 Advertising Theory has their own merits and demerits. The objection or Criticism plans to clarify values, enhance understanding, and cap the space between what we want to do and what we are doing.

Advertising is one of the best and most adjustable sorts of tools with no limitations that can serve the corporation and the revolution.

The important thing is understanding the media and environments in which the message is dispatched. instead of just focusing on the message of the particular advertisements. 

I hope you have gathered all the required information about Advertising Theory, stay tuned for more Advertising Articles!!