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All You Need To Know Bottom Up Marketing


Bottom Up Marketing is a unique methodology for developing a marketing strategy within the association by discovering a workable scheme which is used to create a powerful strategy.

This Bottom Up Marketing strategy is developed by Al Ries and Jack Trout in 1989, they launched a book with the same name. Bottom Up marketing is the best alternative to conventional top-down marketing as the author suggested in the book.

Nowadays businesses are mostly focusing on marketing from a top-down perspective specifically when they try to run an advertising campaign. The potential market is fed up with the top-down type of advertising. The potential market is now expecting to advertise which will help them to promote their products or services quickly. They especially focus to relate concepts, persons, and ideas featured in that particular advertisement but a top down marketing strategy won’t help accomplish that. 


Most businesses are shifting their focus rapidly because potential consumers are not able to identify the actual big man behind the big chair.

The authors have provided some examples of successful businesses such as Microsoft, Federal Express, and Little Caesars. The authors have explained the success story of their business model based on proper research. Top-down marketing is designed to make a big man feel good. As much as the marketing team comprehends the ideas and techniques that are being assumed for an advertisement campaign are not that good, they still continue to impress the big guy, because the big man owns and runs the organization.

Even though the strategy is not good as advertising is concerned, the marketing team continues the campaign and features the big man in the particular advert just for the stroke of his ego. 

Frankly, this all does not make any sense!

Effective Bottom Up Marketing strategy focuses on the target market and what the business wants to achieve in the future. Which has to ensure that a company fulfills its bottom line. In this Bottom Up Marketing, you need to use people who target the market that identifies with. 

Simply the people who have built your brand, people who has done hard work to achieve the bottom line at the end of every financial year. This person will guarantee that the product or service is available and that they meet the overall market’s expectations. 

For the perfect marketing strategy, you must have to advertise these people in your marketing Ad. 

Always remember that the audience you are targeting needs to see adverts that they can easily relate to. That’s why using the group of people mentioned before does not work in top-level management positions. 

Top-down marketing is not a perfect strategy that will put the business close to achieving its lowest line. It is a type of waste of resources, you have so many other hooks which can grab the attention of your target segment, focusing on utilizing the people in the frontline advert.

Top-down marketing is not a wrong strategy but as compared to Top down marketing results, bottom up marketing has proved to be more effective in most of the cases where fast-moving and recurrent products are concerned. Bottom up marketing is eventually more reliable and makes more sense than wasting a lot of money. After all, the advertising strives to get a general set of the public where only a few people work in executive positions or top management 

As the business undertakes on to adopt a Bottom Up Marketing strategy to ensure and keep in mind to fulfill the expectations and the needs of the target consumer.

If you want to know more about bottom up the marketing strategy and the different types of bottom up marketing approaches then we highly recommend you to read “BOTTOM-UP MARKETING” Book to get a complete idea so you can also execute all the bottom up marketing strategies to make comprehensive advertising campaigns. 

I hope you have cleared with “What is Bottom Up Marketing”, and have enjoyed this particular article. Stay tuned for more knowledgeable marketing articles!