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Direct Competition Explained With Examples!


Direct competition is a way of market competition where two or more businesses compete for the same product or services in the same potential market. Direct competition can be defined as any person, business, or organization in the same niche or sector of business. 

There are mainly three types of competition in business-

  • Direct competition
  • Indirect competition
  • Secondary competition 

In this “What is Direct Competition” article, we will discuss in-depth Direct competition, the best strategies of Direct competition, and understand how you can beat your competitor with the proper understanding of this type of business competition.

Best Examples of Direct Competition 

As we discussed earlier, a direct competitor can be defined as any business or organization which was performing in the same market niche such as Domino’s and Pizzahut are direct competitors of each other. 

Some other examples of Direct Competition 

  • McDonald’s & Burger King
  • Boeing & Airbus 
  • Samsung & Apple 
  • Google search & Yahoo or Bing 
  • Pepsi & Coca-Cola 
  • Ford & Chevrolet
  • Nescafe & Bru Coffee
  • Zomato & Swiggy 
  • Phone Pay & Google Pay 
  • Nike & Adidas 

There are a lot of brands that are in direct competition with the same potential market niche. Those are some big market players, who are the best example of direct competition.

Best Direct Competition Strategy For Any Business 

Direct Competition

If you conduct a proper direct competition analysis, you will get the answer to some important questions regarding your business. 

  • Get where your products are standing in the potential market.
  • Getting the idea of all direct competitors. 
  • Understanding your product weaknesses with the help of competitive analysis.
  • Setting a goal to beat the main competitors.

If you want to grow your business then answers to these questions are most important. Without a proper direct competition analysis, you will not get any appropriate answers. Although most businesses know about their direct competition with the help of market trends. But proper direct competition analysis can give the boost to go ahead of your competitors. 

Who are your competitors

There are several competitors within the local market for any business. But while picking the direct competition for your product, you have to be practical. because if you pick the wrong business as a competitor, maybe you get failed in this direct competition strategy. That’s why a proper understanding of direct competition is most important for your business to grow and be a leader in the target market. 

You need to be realistic while choosing your direct competitors. After that, you need to analyze and give them a rank based on their abilities. After the proper analysis, you might get the total number of direct competitors and also get your ranking with them. 

Compare Target Market with Direct Competitors

After getting all the necessary information about direct competitors, you need to analyze your target market. While analyzing your target market, you will get an overall idea of these things-

  • Where is your competitor performing well?
  • In which area you are performing well as compared to your direct competitors?
  • In some areas where both you and your competitors are present, try to capture that area. 
  • In some areas where no one is present, do perfect market research and try to get a position in that particular market. 

This will help you to gather a fair analysis of where you’re doing wrong in the market. I have listed some strategies that you can implement in your direct competition, which can drastically help you to get a huge advantage over your competitors. 

  • Attack the region where you and your competitor present, this area will help you to get a maximum potential market share if you do well in advertising and marketing. 
  • Defend the region where you are exclusively present. You have to make good relationships with the distributors and dealers within your hands. Because maybe your competitor try to get them.
  • You have to create a unique strategy with the help of your analysis and research. Which will help your business to increase sales. 

Comparison of business to business

Compare your business with other competitors, it will help you to get essential statistics from the distributors and dealers. Comparing business to business helps you to gather insights and possible ways to beat your direct competition.

Here are some practices that you can do for comparison of business to business. 

  • Analyze the sales revenue of your competitor(by market analysis or trade reports)
  • Analyze the products of your competitors.
  • Use Swot analysis to get comprehensive insights.

After a successful business-to-business comparison, you will get some idea of the gap in the market. This will help you to capture the market if you fill the gap with your product. 

Build value to overcome the competition

The most important secret of a successful business is to serve great values with the help of your product or service. You can add more reliable features based on consumer requirements which make them happy and feel better. That drastically makes them your loyal customers. 


You have to stay updated with the latest trends in the market and competitor actions. You can use Direct competition and statistical analysis to get comprehensive detail, which will help you to understand the market insights better. 

And always try to fulfill all requirements of the consumer, this will automatically make your brand a market leader. 

Hope you have cleared with “What is Direct Competition”. Stay tuned for more marketing and business-related articles.