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Marketing Intelligence – Types & Components


Marketing intelligence is the procedure of utilizing and gathering relevant data about the marketing efforts of an organization. After gathering all the relevant data, that data can be analyzed to efficiently make accurate decisions for the marketing campaigns. 

Marketing intelligence mainly focuses on gathering meaningful and actionable insights about marketing associated with market research, competitor analysis, web analytics, audience analysis, and SWOT analysis. The marketing intelligence procedure is also used to assist different types of marketing goals and to declare decisions regarding their products, consumer behaviors, and competitors.

Who Can Use Marketing Intelligence?

Marketing intelligence helps organizations to gather meaningful data with many distinct opportunities to operate and navigate the sophistication of marketing. Marketing intelligence is mainly used by decision-makers of the organization who were always supported by statistics-based data. Analyzing the data gives powerful information related to customer behavior and market trends. That’s why considering these things while creating a marketing strategy helps organizations to be ahead of their competitors. 


Marketing intelligence is used by marketers, decision-makers, managers, and business leaders to make the best marketing-related decisions for an organization. 

What are the components of marketing intelligence?

Competitors intelligence

Competitors intelligence involves gathering data from competitors to create an accurate and strong marketing strategy. With the help of competitor analysis, we can find out why the consumers are choosing the competitor’s products or services. After a successful competitor analysis, the organization can make good decisions and by finding the market gap, they can also take advantage of market opportunities.

Market understanding

Marketing intelligence revolves around the gathered data for 

examining customers and their buying behavior. The main purpose of market understanding is to identify where the potential consumer is most active and how we can target these consumers with the help of different media channels. 

Customer understanding is the most important thing when it comes to targeting new customers or market segments. It is essential to study the customer’s preferences, buying patterns, and actual needs. This can help the organization limit or lessen marketing spending while helping to boost retention rates. 

This is possible to get new customers without much marketing spend if you can study the market thoroughly. 

What are the Types of Marketing Intelligence

In marketing intelligencethere are different types of methodologies that marketers can use to create actionable marketing intelligence for an organization. Let’s discuss some of the most common ways which can help to better understand the market.


Polls are the easier ways to get a quick answer related to business and product quality surveys. With the help of open-ended questions and some methodologies, you can do well in polls and increase the response rate.

Focus groups

Focus groups are used to gather a small size of targeted or we can say the potential market. In Focus groups, there is one admin who asks preplanned questions by which he can encourage the audience to further discuss among the group. This helps the organization gain more insight directly from potential buyers. Which ultimately helps marketers to make the best decisions for the next marketing campaigns.


This is another way for organizations and marketers to target a large market by knowing the quantitative and qualitative information about their potential consumers.


Forms are the best ways to get detailed information and the geographics of the target audience. Which many businesses use to gain customer feedback and opinions. 

Mail Surveys

This is the best and most cost-effective way to target a large market. Mail surveys are most useful for organizations to conduct 

outreach to the locations where people don’t have access to the internet and technology.

Field Trials

Field trials are the opportunity for organizations to test their product or branding with the help of the marketing team to get new endeavors by lowering the cost of advertising. 

What is the Difference Between Marketing Intelligence and Marketing Research?

Marketing intelligence and marketing research are both the main components of an organization. They both help to get a detailed understanding of the market and to create attractive marketing strategies.

Marketing intelligence mainly focuses on gathering data from the potential market.

Marketing research focuses to gain insights related to customer buying behavior and preference. Which is used to find the best factor to influence consumers buying decisions. 

Benefits of Marketing Intelligence


Improve sales performance

Marketing intelligence provides genuine data related to the target market which can help to implement and formulate different types of marketing strategies. That ultimately leads to an increase in the sales performance of an organization. 

Overview of the market

Marketing intelligence helps organizations to make effective strategies and decisions with the help of data. The organization gets a complete overview of the target market with the help of various types of analytical tools.

Retaining the customers

The organization has to survey its performance in the potential market. Because trends are changing rapidly, the organization has to be updated with the latest trends to move ahead from their competitors and retain the customer.

It is also important to make necessary changes and improvements in products to meet the exact expectations of consumers. Marketing intelligence can help to gather data and allow the organization to get the necessary insight into the market. 

Gaining competitive advantage

Market intelligence helps the organization gain important insight into market trends and situations. Which the organization can use to capture the target market because there are several competitions in the market and it is essential to be the front-runner


Marketing intelligence allows businesses and organizations to make better and more appropriate decisions based on real data. This also helps to lower marketing costs and other market risks. 

Marketing intelligence is crucial to maintaining the successful operation of an organization. It gives the right direction of competition, growth opportunities, and recent market trends and is also most helpful in making good decisions for marketing campaigns and products to get ahead of the competition. 

I hope you have cleared with “What is Marketing intelligence”, and have enjoyed this particular article. Stay tuned for more knowledgeable marketing articles!