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Proper Marketing Mix of Apple


The Marketing Mix of Apple tells the 4ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) of the Top American multinational technology company – Apple!

Apple is a California-based global technology corporation that designs, develops, and distributes consumer gadgets, software, and online services. On par with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, it is regarded as a great technology company.

Apple was able to position itself as the market’s leading technology brand because of Steve Jobs’ vision. Apple has grown faster in recent years under Tim Cook’s leadership. Apple is also the first company with a market capitalization of over 2 trillion dollars to have its operating system.

Innovation” is one of the first terms that come to mind when discussing Apple as a brand. The reason for this is that the company’s goods are small in number, but they are highly powerful and unique. Apple’s product range isn’t as extensive as Samsung‘s or Google’s, but it has the product power to compete with them all.

Let’s start with the Marketing Mix of Apple to learn more about its product, price, promotion, and distribution approaches.

Products in The Marketing Mix of Apple

Apple Inc. is well-known for its technological advancements. It has consistently produced innovative things that have wowed the entire world. Some of Apple’s most well-known items in the marketing mix describe the company’s product strategy as follows:-

Marketing Mix of Apple
  • iPhone – Apple was the first company to release a multi-touch phone. They even went so far as to claim that theirs was the first firm to create multitouch. However, because the technique has been around for a long time, they were not granted a patent. However, the iPhone has been a huge success and is still going strong. The marketing mix for Apple’s iPhone is shown here.
  • Macintosh – Macintosh is the reason Apple exists. Their Macintosh laptops are the most popular in the United States, and they are giving the entire industry a run for its money. The MacBook Air and Macbook Pro are two of the most popular current variants.
  • iPod – Following the Macintosh, the iPod revolutionized the way we listen to music. iPod was to Apple what Sony’s Walkman was to Sony. Just like Sony’s Walkman became an instant smash, Apple’s iPod became an instant hit and an international enterprise. The innovations, on the other hand, had only just begun.
  • Ipad – After the iPhone, Apple released the iPad, which was an instant hit with Apple devotees. You may now sync your laptop, mobile device, and tablet. Ipad was superior in design and functionality because it was an Apple device. The marketing mix for Apple’s iPad is shown here.
  • i watch & Apple TV – The i watch and Apple TV were two of Apple’s other devices that were not as well received. Samsung Gear and Samsung gear 2 are tough competitors for the i watch. Amazon Fire TV is a strong competitor to Apple TV.
  • Software and services – Apple’s software and operating system, macOS, is one of the company’s competitive advantages. At the same time, it launched a slew of new services, including iTunes, iBooks, iCloud, Apple Music, and more. They’re all good on their own, but together they bring in a lot of money for Apple.
  • Well-designed, innovative, and researched product line – To summarise, all of Apple’s products are the result of extensive research and development. Steve Jobs was a skilled marketer with a keen understanding of what people wanted, which was the driving force behind Apple’s long-term success.

Price in The Marketing Mix of Apple 

Apple’s marketing mix pricing strategy reflects its position as a market leader in its industry. Competition, on the other hand, has an impact on its pricing. 

Apple is known for its inventiveness, yet with innovation comes a price. As a result, to pleasure their consumers, they adhere to a premium pricing strategy.

Marketing Mix of Apple

The majority of its devices, like Apple the Macbook, iPhone, and iPad, fall into the luxury product category. Apple products are expensive, yet they are also seen as status symbols. The question of why these things are so expensive is frequently debated. One of the reasons for this is due to the technology employed in the products.

Apple assures that its products are of the finest quality, with the most up-to-date components and the most fashionable design. You won’t consider other brands after you’ve become addicted to these things.

Place in The Marketing Mix of Apple 

Marketing Mix of Apple
  • Apple Stores – Apple has storefronts where it sells its products exclusively.
  • Retail – Individually selected merchants who are allowed to sell Apple products are subsequently sold by the trade partners. The distribution is specialized due to the premium model of the product, and it is supplied only to premium merchants that can satisfy the company’s aims.
  • Online – E-commerce, as well as Apple’s site through which it offers a variety of products, is a crucial sales channel for the company. Most E-commerce portals have a distinct page for Apple and its products connected from the home page, showing the company’s strength.
  • Trade partners – Ingram Micro is one of Apple’s trade partners, and it handles distribution in several countries. Similarly, Apple has strategic exclusive partners that handle the company’s distribution. Naturally, maintaining fewer trade partners gives Apple the advantage of less distribution burden, allowing it to focus more on R&D.
  • Helpful staff – Where the personnel is more helpful is a crucial aspect in Apple stores. The reason for this is simple: Apple’s operating system is highly complex, and it may not function as your regular operating system. As a result, consumers require assistance in fully comprehending the product. That is why an apple shop will have more “advisors” than “sellers.”
  • Store layouts – The store layout is fairly open for a firm with a select line of products, and there is enough floor space for consumers to roam and look at the products.

Promotions in The Marketing Mix of Apple 

Apple is recognized for its sophisticated and attractive marketing campaigns. The company’s main focus is on its product and how to differentiate it from rivals’ offerings. This is where the inspiration for marketing communications comes from.

Take any Apple advertisement and you’ll notice that it emphasizes the elements that set Apple apart from the competition.

Apple recently advertised headphones with a distinctive design, and even that advertisement demonstrated Apple’s uniqueness.

Let’s take a deep dive into the promotional strategies of apple 

Marketing Mix of Apple
  • Premium media – Apple adverts will display for a few days and then vanish. Because Steve Jobs was a brilliant communicator, the corporation places a high value on communication. They also believe in demonstrating the company’s capabilities to the rest of the globe. As a result, Apple advertising often appears during a product introduction, demonstrates what the product can accomplish, and then the print media continues to run.
  • Elegant promotions – Apple has a history of generating promotions that are quite straightforward and to the point. The majority of their print and creative advertising will have a white, classy backdrop.
  • Getting right to the point – Another thing we may learn from Apple is that their advertisements are concise and to the point. There’s no fluff here, and there aren’t ten different things you can do with Apple. It’s short and sweet. There is only one ad, one message, and one target.
  • Very few price-based offers – Apple also has a clever strategy in that it rarely makes offers based on pricing. The discount for college students is the only price-based promotion we’ve seen regularly. Aside from that, you won’t see “Sale” signs in an Apple store too often.

I hope you have gathered all the necessary information about the Marketing Mix of Apple and the 4 P’s of Apple. Stay tuned for more Marketing Mix Articles.